Monday, February 09, 2009

2/28 Cloneliness live at Sleeper Hallucination Camping 002

The concept of this live is "No speakers, No claim, No police".
Sound artists will be performing live music to be heard in headphones, and the public will have the chance to lie down and listening to various soundscapes, while admiring huge video projections on the building's walls. An event not to be missed!

Link to Slonnon's website, to give you an idea of the last event :

Informations in Japanese abut the event :

2/28 Sleeper Hallucination Camping 002 

2009/2/28 (Saturday)
open 18:00 start 19:00 - close 23:00
Admission : 1000yen [1drink + 1plug in cable or FM radio]
Rental sleeping bag : 300yen

Live :
米子 匡司
Rick Tuazon
Charles-Eric Billard
丸尾 丸子 (コオセキラヂヲ)
s l o n n o n + sonsen gocha bacco

Food :
アントニオ☆バンデラス [ タコス ]

2/19 Salads in Space at Hokage

Come and see Salads in Space live at Hokage! The ad says it all.

2/11 Cloneliness at Babies in a Sandbox

Babies in a Sandbox will draw together various creative people to show, mix and discover. An Evening of Play: Performances and Improvised Collaborations by Musicians, Dancers, Poets and Visual artists. The goal of the night is to strike a balance between the focus of scheduled performances and the risk-laden adventure of collaborative free improvisation. The event promises to be a churning mix of creative energies. Surely you'll find plenty to be inspired, perplexed, annoyed and amazed by if you're are able to make it out that night.

Place: Common Cafe
〒530-0015 Osaka City, Kita-ku, Nakazaki Nishi 1-1-6 吉村ビルB1F
Date: Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 (National Holiday)
Time: Door opens 7:15PM. Event from 8:00pm - 10:00pm-ish
Admission is 500yen + buy 1 drink

Artists Include:
Charles-Eric Billard
Rick Tuazon
Garry Lindon
James Barrett
Yuichi Arai
Michael Salovaara
On Furukawa
Ken Mason
Jeremy Hughes
Branko Manojlovic
Jerry Gordon
Samaan Fieck
Oscar V S-Thorn
Eric Demetriou
Kishore Ryan