Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Live Performance at Echigo-Tsumari 2012

Sound Art Project by Charles-Eric Billard

Nohbutai Building, Matsudai,
Niigata prefecture August 11th, 2012, 15:30-17:00

As part of ECHIGO-TSUMARI ART TRIENNALE 2012,     multi-disciplinary artist Charles-Eric Billard will present a live performance using original string instruments called "slitars". 

The word "slitar" is the contraction of "slide guitar" and "sitar", both refering to the inherent characteristics of the string instruments. Originally made of recycled materials like drink bottles and snacks containers, the instruments presented at ECHIGO-TSUMARI TRIENNALE 2009 were made of stainless steel and have been displayed since then as a permanent outdoor installation located in the forest in the vicinity of Noubutai building, the triennale's administrative center. The event SPACE SLITAR ORCHESTRA 2012 will be an opportunity for the public to both experience the sounds of the original instruments and to take part in a jam session with the artist, using the outdoor sound installation. 

Contact details : charles_billard@hotmail.com / 090-9889-9523 website : http://charlou2006.blogspot.jp/

music :

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ECHIGO-TSUMARI ART TRIENNALE is one of the largest art festivals in the world and is held in the Echigo-Tsumari region. Since its beginning in 2000, approximatively 160 artworks by artists from all over the world have dotted across a 760km2 area.

Triennale's website : http://www.echigo-tsumari.jp/eng/

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